Did you know

Did you know that your hair acts like a sponge?
Absorbing water, products, and elements from the atmosphere.. When washing your hair if you towel blot after rinsing to get rid any excess water so hair is just damp your conditioner/treatment will be absorbed better rather than sitting on the surface of the hair shaft over the already absorbed water.. For a more intensive treatment pop a towel on the radiator so its warm wrap round hair after applying treatment to infuse the treatment in to hair shaft and leave for a few mins… Try this it might just change your quality of hair.. Look after your hair because at the end of the day it’s the crown you always wear ✌image

Training 🙌🏼

Wellas colour training with the girls last week was so refreshing… I think my heart will always be with Lorreal but what an amazing colour company wella is ❤️❤️ Great self development ✏️📕✂️image


Love these plaits for any occasion to dress your hair up 😍😍image image

Extensions news!

We now have a fully activated beauty works account so anyone who’s interested in extensions, please pop in for a full consultation and colour match with one of our experienced team members 🙌🏼🙌🏼image

Training Day!

Format Status

Nano keratin training today with the hair team 📝🌟💁🏼

Wella Products

I thought I’d get out of my Lorreal and Fudge comfort zone and use wella today I’m very impressed with the results ❤️image